The StoryBank is simply an online collection of stories about cancer genetics. It was developed in direct response to feedback from patients at the Cancer Genetics Service for Wales (CGSW), an all-Wales service for anyone with a family history of cancer.

The StoryBank consists of digital stories from patients covering topics such as living with the risk of cancer, compiling a family tree, telling a family member about a cancer diagnosis and making decisions about surgery and screening*.

The StoryBank also contains stories from staff at CGSW that answer Frequently Asked Questions, such as “what can I expect from my genetic counselling appointment?” and “what is genetic testing?”. The StoryBank can be used by anyone who has had cancer in their family or who is worried that they themselves may be at increased risk of inheriting cancer.

*Each story is personal to the individual storyteller. Your own cancer genetic story may not be described here. However, we hope you find the experiences shared by our storytellers useful for thinking about your own situation.

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